Best Places to Stay in Zanzibar

Best Place to Stay in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a charming, tropical archipelago located just a 15-minute flight from mainland Tanzania. It has some of the finest beach resorts in East Africa. The island is surrounded by coral reefs of idyllic beaches lined with palm trees. Zanzibar’s beaches can be added on as a part of your travel package when you book a safari on the mainland of Tanzania.

This archipelago has become a popular destination for those looking for an enticing beach excursion in recent years. The island is also characterized by miles of white beaches, ideal snorkeling and diving spots along with its Mnemba Atoll, as well as the flourishing kite-surfing culture.

Such spots have brought more and more tourists to this core of Swahili culture.

Based primarily on the large island of Unguja, Zanzibar’s existence is built on the ideology of the Swahili phrase-pole-pole – meaning means ‘slow.’

You’re likely to find a soothing and relaxed rhythm of the culture here, making it the best spot to relax. There are clear turquoise waters, palm trees, and plenty of ways to step back and enjoy.

What Do You Need to Know Prior Booking the Best Place to Stay in Zanzibar?

I propose that you consider the dry season while planning your journey.

  • Dry season (June to October), it’s best to visit Zanzibar. It’s during these months when it’s calm and dry.
  • Hot Season (December to February) – Another typical time to visit is during the hottest months of the year
  • The long rainy season (March to May) – Though it may be rainy during this season, you may even get lucky and have no rain during your whole holiday!
  • The limited rainy season (November) – It appears to rain every day in November, but only for a short period.

NOTE: Interested to know when to go scuba diving to Zanzibar?

It’s best to go on the North Coast from June to October, and on the South Coast from November to March.

More info regarding the tides: the tide moves out to the coral reef, which is 1 to 1.5 km from shore.

The north coast is famous because you can still swim there, even at low tide. The beach disappears entirely as the sea hits the rugged cliffs during the high tide on the west side. The only way to determine when high tide and low tide is to monitor the Tide Forecast. It varies daily, so you can find out the forecasts while still planning your visit.

Where Are The Best Place Places to Stay in Zanzibar?

Below are some of the best places to stay in Zanzibar. You’ll get the best services in these exotic yet indigenous hotels.

North Coast – Kendwa And Nungwi Beaches

The North Coast is famous because the tides are the least influenced. There are two renowned sandy beaches in Kendwa and Nungwi.

Nungwi is famous for its surfing, while Kendwa has more party scenes to express.

You can also visit Mnemba Island in the north, only a kilometer off the coast.

It’s got fantastic swimming and snorkeling spots, and it’s still home to green turtles!

Here’s a list of hotels in North Zanzibar, all sorted by cost and class, so it’s easy for you to find whatever you need:

Best Place to Stay in Zanzibar

The Best Boutique Hotels In Zanzibar


RIU PALACE ZANZIBAR has a private pool, a wellness center, and a diving facility. It gives a Zanzibar experience of luxury, all-inclusive!


ZURI ZANZIBAR. Provides beachfront bungalows for couples or families in Kendwa if you are on a personal vacation in Zanzibar.

You can walk around the backyard or chill out by the pool while you are not on the beach. Indeed, this is one of the exquisite luxury hotels in Zanzibar!


ZANZIBAR QUEEN HOTEL is among the best hotels in the northeast.

This hotel is situated in Matemwe and has dive rooms, a barbeque, water sports facilities, and even a spa plaza! Also, Mnemba Island is just 6 km off the shorelines.


Z HOTEL is an ideal place to hide. It has everything you could ask for, plus an infinity pool and a spa.

It is further renowned for its iconic rooftop bar Z Rooftop bar, which is also one of the island’s best spots for sunset cocktails!

Middle-Priced Hotels In Zanzibar

Nungwi House

Searching for spacious rooms and an excellent, free breakfast, Nungwi House is a great, perfect location.

It’s conveniently situated, and the beach is a short walk away. It is an ideal choice for economically priced hotels in Zanzibar.

Kendwa Natural Villa

Kendwa Natural Villa not only has a swimming pool as well as a private beach area.

I also recommend the hotel where each morning offers a tasty buffet. This hotel is also deemed one of Zanzibar’s finest 4-star hotels!

Aluna Beach Lodge

Just several meters away from the beach, Aluna Beach Lodge has a pool, a kitchen, a restaurant, and a pub.

You wouldn’t want to leave the estate! However, if you wish to go, the Lodge is located next to a marine rehabilitation center to explore more about the turtles.

Warere Beach

Warere Beach is just off the beach, and some of its amenities include a bar-pool.  How could you wish for more? The hotel also provides breathtaking views from the deck of the pool!

Cheap Hotels In Zanzibar

Green Guest House Nungwi

Green Guest House Nungwi is just 300 meters off Nungwi Beach. You will have lots to do after a long day out on the beach with a backyard and patio and free Wi-Fi.

Makofi Guest House

Yet another alternative in Nungwi beach is Makofi Guest House. You may either pick a cheaper, infused dorm room hostel experience or choose a private room exclusive to yourself. If you’re hoping to find other tourists, the patio gets very busy at night!

Kidoti Wild Garden

Unless you are aiming for some downtime, Kidoti Wild Garden is perfect.

This eco-friendly hotel is conveniently located about 6 km outside Nungwi and is solar-powered. If you are looking for a bit of a quick break, I strongly recommend it.

Papaya Guest House

A decent alternative in Nungwi is the Papaya Guest House.

It has a bar and a restaurant, so for mouth-watering cuisines and beverages, you don’t have to go far! There is also a greenhouse where each room leads to a patio.

Best Hotels in Stone Town

It somewhat feels like jumping out of a time capsule, overflowing streets with various old colonial structures. In the labyrinth of narrow streets, you’ll likely get lost, and that’s part of the thrill.

 Stone town is an ideal destination to sample the foods and learn about everything regarding the island’s history.  

There are some exquisite Zanzibar Stone Town hotels with lovely recommendations and amenities:

Best Place to Stay in Zanzibar
Best hotels in Stones Town

Boutique Hotels In Zanzibar

There is a lawn, a swimming pool, and a restaurant at the Antonio Garden Hotel

It’s a walking distance of much of Stone Town’s attractions and promises a breakfast buffet before you head off for the day!

Kisiwa House is one of the city’s oldest structures, but it boasts a contemporary architecture.

This luxury hotel provides all the comforts that you’ll need to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Zanzi Resort

Zanzi Resort is among the many resorts in Zanzibar, near Stone City, thanks to its beachfront cottages.

It’s one of the best hotels in Zanzibar, 15 km outside the capital. It would help if you had a beach massage or enjoy a short bike ride.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar

Park Hyatt Zanzibar has just about everything you might wish.

This hotel also has a pool, spa, lounge, and fitness center right out on the sand. If you feel like going out, their tour desk will schedule several trips and tours!

Mid-Priced Hotels In Zanzibar

The Mizingani Seafront Hotel

The Mizingani Seafront Hotel is right next to the ferry terminal, so you’re not going to get lost trying to navigate your way.

It’s decorated with an authentic stay in the traditional Zanzibar style. Oh, consider asking for space with a view of the harbor.

Zanzibar Coffee House

Zanzibar Coffee House gives you the impression that you have gone back in time without losing any modern comforts. The rooms all have antique information.

Mangrove Lodge.

For a perfect holiday in an eco-friendly venue, consider visiting Mangrove Lodge.

If you’d rather be close to the Stone Town tourist destinations but still want a private beach excursion, this is your place.

It has a pub, a restaurant, and a lounge with plenty of hammocks to have a lazy beach day.

Kholle House.

You could also consider spending your nights at Kholle House.

The building was first constructed by princess Kholle in 1860. The hotel boasts a rooftop balcony, a spa, and a teahouse.

Cheap Price Hotels In Zanzibar

Zenji Hotel

Zenji Hotel is a stellar budget choice for a traveler. Each room has a patio with its air conditioning.

There’s also a restaurant on-site, and you can enjoy the rooftop deck during your visit.

Zanzibar’s Ten to Ten Stone Town

Zanzibar’s Ten to Ten Stone Town overlooks the beach and just a couple of miles from several landmarks, such as Zanzibar’s Old Castle. The hotel provides a free city tour daily.

Zanzibar Lost & Found

Zanzibar Lost & Found is excellent for backpackers wishing to interact with one another.  It also has curtains on each bed for privacy and air-conditioning for extra comfort.

Zanzibar Special Hotels- Underwater Hotel

Consider living in a Zanzibar underwater hotel if you want a completely unforgettable experience in Zanzibar.

The Manta Resort

The Manta Resort has an underwater space offshore where the underwater bedroom is situated. Maybe you’ve heard about “sleeping with the shark,” but never like that.

The upper floor is a lounge area where you can unwind and busk out in the sun. 

The main building features a porch, an outside dining area, and a shower. You then head down the ladder to see the beauty of the ocean.

Underwater bedroom windows let you see the marine life surrounding you. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime encounter that makes it possible for you to be submerged like never before in the ocean.

Final Thoughts on The Best Place to Stay in Zanzibar

Depending entirely on the kind of holiday you’re looking for, you can choose the best place to stay in Zanzibar fit for your budget.

You’ll have more tourists in the north, but you’ll have gorgeous beaches as well. Stone Town has so much culture and history.

Then you will explore more isolated beaches and luxurious resorts to the East.

Every Zanzibar region has fantastic attractions, but only you can decide precisely what sort of vacation you desire. Or why not travel to them all?

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