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Tilley Endurables Safari Hat

When going on safari, you want to wear head protection that will reduce as much exposure to the sun on your skin. Good safari hats will limit the amount of direct sunlight exposure on your skin.

In this post, we’ve shared some of the hats that you should consider buying and wearing during your safari.

Additionally, you should also consider the following functions with a safari hat.

Best Safari Hats Functions

Provide complete coverage from the sun.

You want the safari hat to provide all round shielding especially in the back of the neck area which is where a lot of them come up short. The African sun has the ability to burn even when it’s low on the horizon.

Wearing a full-brim hat that also covers your neck will minimize your skin’s exposure to direct sunlight.

The safari hat should allow your head to “breathe”.

You don’t want your head to overheat and lead to heatstroke or discomfort. So you want to have a design that will allow the heat to escape from your head.

It should be gas permeable so that the heat generated can escape and allow you to cool off.

Must be water absorbent on the inside and waterproof on the outside.

Your body will regulate its temperature by sweating. It’s likely that sweat will drip into your eyes, which will make your experience unpleasant.

Invest in a safari hat that will absorb the sweat.

Additionally, you want to be prepared for rain and a well designed hat will protect your face from the rain, as well as prevent any absorption that can make your head uncomfortable.

Tilley Endurables

Tilley Endurables

The Tilley Endurables hats have a very good reputation. Full brim, but designed with a cooling mechanism. Check the hats to see which ones are waterproof vs water resistant. And then purchase the one that’s ideal for the type of safari trip that you plan to go on.

Ideally, opt for LTM6 and T3 models.

Prices start from $57.

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