How Many Days Do You Need In The Masai Mara?

How Many Do You Need In The Masai Mara?

Are you a safari enthusiast in search of a bonafide African safari? Then the Masai Mara inarguably Kenya’s illustrious safari destination got you covered.

A conspicuous wilderness located in the southwest region of Kenya in the rift valley.

Covering over 1,500 km2 (583 square miles), and on southern bordering the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

The charm of Masai Mara isn’t just the wildlife or the conservancies.

It’s the uninterrupted grassland, riverine forests, and the vast open plains interspersed with acacia tree and rock outcrops’ kopjes’ that make a safari worth remembering.

How Many Days Do You Need In The Masai Mara?

How Many Do You Need In The Masai Mara?

Day One: Nairobi to Masai Mara and Olare Motorogi Conservancy

The itinerary kicks off with a fly-in safari at Wilson airport to Ole Seki Naboisho airstrip.

Olare Motorogi is a private reserve nestled on the Northern side of Masai Mara.

Priding itself with the highest concentration of lions in the Masai Mara, you will also find elephants, African wild dogs, and rhinos.

Accommodation is available with camps and lodges set up at distinct locations with the conservancy.

Day Two. Ol Kinyei and Naboisho Conservancies

Explore the Ol Kinyei and Naboisho conservancies, located on the Northeast region of the Masai Mara, on a tranche of land the Maasai landowners set aside as a reserve for the wildlife.

The serene environment offers a sanctuary to the big cats and provides a picturesque scene of the wildebeest migration.

The Naboisho Conservancy is the second largest conservancy in the Mara and acts as a buffer within the Masai Mara reserve and the human settlement within its environs.

Nboisho offers a habitat to uncommon species such as; Ratel, Aardvark, Aardwolf, and astounding numbers of wildebeests, elephants, and giraffes.

Naboisho is renowned as a birder’s paradise with swarming numbers of bird varieties found within its confines. 

With its accent majoring on exclusivity, your stay here will be refreshing and all-encompassing.

Accommodation is available with camps and lodges strategically located within the conservancy.

Day Three. Masai Mara Game Reserve – Kenya

Kickstart the day with a sumptuous breakfast and later on board a 4*4 Landcruiser tour vehicle.

Left open on all sides to ensure you get a panoramic view of the vast Mara plains and its diverse wildlife.

You can take brief stopovers for picnics and lunch while you enjoy nature at its best. 

Keep your camera close a safari in the Mara if full of picturesque moments lurking all around.

Later on, in the day, relax and unwind in your lodge or campsite as you savor mouth-watering cuisines.

How Many Do You Need In The Masai Mara?

Day Four. Masai Mara and Olare Motorogi Conservancy

As you come to the finale of your safari, take a guided walk or an offload game drive through  Olare Motorogi with a personal tour guide.

The Maasai living within the conservancy have been trained as tour guides and offer in-depth information in regards to the local cultures and ecosystem.

Once done with the safari, you can make your way back to the lodge and pack up for your journey back.

You will either drive back to Nairobi or take a flight at the airstrip located within the reserve.

Tips To Ensure You Get The Most Out Of Your Safari.

1.     Purchase your curios at the Maasai market in Nairobi

Here you will get a fair deal of the items, and they’re of better quality.

An open-air market in the capital Nairobi, from which you will get dazzling jewelry, handiwork crafts, and bespoke gift items with a classic African touch.

2.     Gear up for a haggle and bargain

Tourist sightings attract a price hike, and from this, you will need not to take the price given as unalterable. The Kenyan vendors are more often than not are ready for a bargain.

3.     Take A Drive To Masai Mara Then A Flight Back To The Airport.

When planning to visit the Mara and you’re not a tight budget you can go at it this way because;

  1. You will get to experience Kenya’s pride from two different perspectives air and land.
  2. Drive to Mara can take up to six hours, and the roads are not all tarmac. Offload driving might be enjoyable when coming into the Mara but quite grueling after spending time in the Mara.
  3. If you were planning to visit the Kenyan coast, it would be cheaper and time-saving because it will take less than an hour via flight and two days on the road.
How Many Do You Need In The Masai Mara?

Safety Is Within The Confines Of Your Game Drives

Exercise extreme caution during the safari drives, being out in the wild danger is always lurking.

Keeping your personal effects harnessed and tucked in the vehicles and not dangling any part of the body outside the tour van will aid in eliminating any animal attacks

Wear Achromatic Colors During Game Drives.

Neutral clothing that camouflages with the background will facilitate you to observe the wildlife in their habitats without raising any anxiety, frightening them away, or creating unwarranted attention.

The Advisable Time To Visit The Mara

Though wildlife throng, the Masai Mara reserve, and its plains are a beehive of animal activities.

Mara stands out as the quintessential African safari, and with adventure, always lurking a visit here any time will not disappoint.

But to get the ultimate Mara experience, one has to visit between July and September, to get in the action of the great migration.

An awe-inspiring spectacle as the millions of wildebeests migrates from the Masai Mara in Kenya to the Serengeti in Tanzania through the treacherous Mara River.

Final Thoughts On How Many Do You Need In The Masai Mara?

For complete indulgence, plan for three days and four-nights safari itinerary to spend at the Masai Mara.

This duration gives you ample time to explore Masai Mara to the fullest, either on guided game drives or bush walks.  

If you’re planning for a low budget game safari, then a two-day safari experience is sufficient.

During your safari, ensure you engage with a competent driver and tour guide because out of this, you will end up visiting all the wildlife hotspots within the reserve.

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