Kenya Honeymoon Itinerary

Kenya Honeymoon Itinerary

A Kenya honeymoon itinerary promises a rare extension to your Honeymoon.

Such activities include an intimate private bush dinner in Masai Mara, lovers’ picnic in the forest, balloon trips, strolls on white beaches, and snorkeling in the Indian Ocean’s deep waters. The list is infinite.

Honeymoon safaris are fun-filled and provide an intimate way to relax and unwind after the wedding’s hustle and bustle.

Indulge yourself in a safari that will leave memories etched in your mind for decades.

A romantic and enjoyable honeymoon will set the stage and the base of a healthy relationship.

If you feel like you have been married for a long time and need reestablishment, why not take a ‘second honeymoon.’

There is no better spot to have a lovely and memorable honeymoon than in the cradle of humankind, Africa.

Come to Kenya and revel in the ever-warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean, or have a romantic honeymoon on the beautiful Mt. Kilimanjaro where new life and budding flowers emerge every morning.

A Kenya Safari and Beach Honeymoon Comparison

Another Kenyan honeymoon itinerary idea combines a trip to the Masai Mara safari and then visits the Kenyan coast.

Appreciate all the staggering untamed spectacular wildlife of the Mara. Head east to loosen up on the white sands of Diani beach on this Kenya safari and beach honeymoon.

If you do your timing right, you’ll have to observe the intensity of the great migration, the wildebeest as they venture from the Serengeti Tanzania to the Mara in Kenya and back once more.

On the breathtaking shores of Diani Beach, you can choose from activities such as waterfall hiking, forest hiking, cultural tours with the people of Digo, as well as water sports like swimming, paddle-boarding, and kite-surfing.

After such an experience, take a massage on the beachfront.

Kenya Honeymoon Itinerary

Luxury Kenya Safari Honeymoon

Suppose you would favor more safari time than beach time. Well, at that point, this Kenyan vacation is for you.

Your extravagant Kenya safari vacation starts in the North of the nation, in Samburu.

You’ll appreciate untamed game viewing in the Kalama Conservancy and Samburu National Park before going to the Masai Mara.

Learn about the vibrant culture of the Samburu people who share a similar culture to the Maasai community.

Take exciting strolling safaris with Samburu aides and recognize the “Samburu Five” out on game drives; Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, beisa oryx, gerenuk, and Somali ostrich.

Next, head over to the illustrious Masai Mara plains, where you can watch the great migration. Tick off Africa’s big five either by hot air balloon or guided bushwalks.

Try out a night game drive and have experience with nocturnal animals and witness the Mara wake up after the night.

What Are the Most Romantic Lodges in Kenya?

Borana (Lewa Downs) is a beautiful and timeless owner-controlled lodge to the North, far from the madding masses.

Visit Joy’s Camp (Samburu) is located around a water pool, giving you an excuse to lie in bed and not feel sorry. It is a beautiful luxurious tented camp, and the staff professionally trained in honeymoon treatment.

In the South, Bateleur Camp and Alex Walkers Serian (off the Mara Reserve) are situated in the Greater Mara, all of which have private game observation regions.

So, you relish the natural life of Mara without heaps of vehicles rummaging around your sightings.

Kenya Luxury vs. Kenya Adventure Honeymoon

The amount of different ways to explore Kenya is incredible. There is no right or wrong way to go-it depends entirely on the type of experience you seek.

From the fun of climbing the Samburu Mountains to relaxing in Mara’s hyper-luxury safari lodges Kenya offers the best there is for couple.

That’s not to suggest that a leisure trip can’t be fun, either; the charm of a honeymoon tailor-made in Kenya is that you can blend all the things that appeal to you in one beautiful and memorable safari.

You can appreciate practically anything here; social encounters, horse riding, strolling, game drives, night drives, quad biking, hot-air ballooning, fishing, drifting (and the list goes on.

Kenya Honeymoon Itinerary

Honeymoon Packages for Adventurous Couple

Kenya is considered as Africa’s best destinations for pairing a splendid safari with a tranquil beach stay.

The coastline of the Indian Ocean stretches the entire east length of Kenya, and there are some beautiful beaches scattered around the coastline.

As well as Kenya’s mainland beaches, such as the white sands of Diani Beach and the historic and beautiful Lamu, it is now very convenient to connect the Kenyan safari with Zanzibar’s vibrant island.

Flights converge so well that you can get to Zanzibar in just a few hours from your safari in the Masai Mara.

You also merge a Kenyan safari with a trip to the Seychelles Islands, Mauritius, and Mozambique’s northern beaches-but I would still recommend staying here.

What does a Honeymoon in Kenya cost?

In Kenya, safari lodges start at about $400 per person per night, in a good position for a brilliant safari-although with excellent and budget accommodations.

For some of Kenya’s most lavish lodges, the prices can shoot up to $1,800 per person a night.

A ten-day honeymoon in Kenya – mixing a few safari areas with some beach time – comes in around $4,500 per person.

From here, a honeymoon will go for the super-rich end of the continuum right up to approximately $14,000 per person.

Top 5 Kenya Honeymoon Itineraries

Naibor Camp

In the heart of Masai Mara Game Reserve lies Naibor Camp, a spacious tented camp.

Perched on the banks of the river Talek, Naibor offers residence to groups of hippos that appear to adore the camp and its area as much as the guests do.

Naibor Camp has a very comforting and classic style. Thus, it’s ideal for visitors who want to experience an authentic Kenya safari in their first safari.

Activities Include

Game drives are the focus activity at Naibor Camp because of its prime location, such as an early morning or late afternoon game drives.

Guests may also order a picnic lunch, which is expected during the wildebeest migration season for all-day game drives.

Other events include bush meals and sunbathing in select areas, and cultural trips beyond the reserve to Masai villages.


Sasaab is a bit of heaven amidst the heat of the Samburu.

Samburu has a diverse cultural diversity and animal concentration, including the Samburu Five-an assortment of animal types that are uncommon and endemic to the Samburu environment.

As soon as visitors arrive, Sasaab prides itself on its quality, sublime hospitality, and absolute peacefulness.

Spend a relaxed morning, evening, or day, enjoying spectacular views from the spa, bed, verandah, or your private swimming pool!

Activities Include.

Game drives undertaken on the communal property or, more frequently than not, inside the Samburu National Reserve, where there is a higher amount of wildlife in the Park.

On the community property on which Sasaab sits you get to experience cultural visits to the nearby Samburu village, guided bush walks, and camel riding.

Ol Seki Hemingway’s Mara

Ol Seki is a luxurious tented camp situated next to the world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve at Naboisho Conservancy.

The camp can host just 12 visitors, is quiet, and mysteriously secluded. Great for those trying to avoid the crowds the Mara Reserve may draw.

Ol Seki also has a ‘bride stays free’ package, which makes it a very enticing honeymoon safari destination as you can imagine!

Kinondo Kwetu

Kinondo Kwetu is a house away from home, a beautiful family-run lodge on Kenya’s picturesque coast.

The lodge has maintained its high comfort and serenity level, allowing visitors to wind down from their safari, ride, or even just general day-to-day tension.

It offers a broad array of water and off-water activities, making it a friendly, stylish, and homey beach house.

Saruni Samburu

Perched on an impressive cliff top with panoramic views, Saruni Samburu provides a truly memorable and unforgettable stay in a pristine area off the beaten path.

Situated in the Kalama Conservancy, the lodge boasts of its views, comfort, and serenity, drawing nature-loving families, honeymooners, and couples to this tranquil part of Kenya.

Final Thoughts on Why Go on A Kenyan Honeymoon Itinerary?

•Infrastructure: Kenya has the entire honeymoon sawn-up, with great game-viewing and impressive beaches.

A sentimental safari in the bush and seven days leaning back on a deserted beach? What more would you want?

•Value for Money: Since you don’t have to travel far from Kenya. You can merge your safari with the beach; you bring down the costs-not to mention the international airport inconveniences.

•Kenya Beaches: For those honeymooners looking for adventurous days, there is kite-surfing, kayaking, mountain biking, paddle-boarding, angling game, cruising just like the typical Indian Ocean.

If you wish, you’ll be kept occupied at your beach time!

•Quick Logistics: you can fly overnight and be on the beach or safari in the morning, so you don’t lose time on jet lags.

•Kenya Wildlife: The Great Migration-from July, two million wildebeest find their way into the Masai Mara and linger until October.

It will be fantastic to witness this incredible natural spectacle on your Honeymoon.

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