Top 9 Luxury Safari Lodges Namibia

Luxury Safari Lodges Namibia

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From the capital of Windhoek, Namibian adventure has all the elements of a memorable safari into the untamed raw wilderness.

If you’re looking to explore the fauna nature has to offer, then Namibia won’t disappoint.

Self-drive safaris for more independent travelers are ideal for wildlife enthusiasts with its decent infrastructure and easy-to-access destinations—occasional stops to delve and enjoy the cultures and cuisines that Namibia has.

Remote, luxurious, and exclusive accommodations that are ideal for a honeymoon, while families with children will be delighted by the country’s safe, well-functioning, and friendly nature.

A-List of the Best Luxury Lodges Namibia

Below is a detailed guide of some of the best luxury lodges you’ll find in Namibia.               

1.  Safarihoek Lodges

Nestled in a private concession over the mopane woodlands bordering Etosha National park, Safarihoek Lodges offers deluxe accommodations in a serene environment.

With eleven guest chalets, two which categorized as standard, eight which are luxury, and the final one a family unit. With king-size or twin beds, air conditioning, ensuite bathroom, and panoramic views into the wild.

Explore a unique photography hide for those close-up photographs of the wildlife. With the sighting of lions, elephants and the endangered black rhino will make your stay here memorable.

Luxury Safari Lodges Namibia
Safarihoek Lodges

2. Skeleton Coast Shipwreck Lodge

Located on the headwaters of river Hoarusib in the Namibian desert and the mystical Skeleton Coast National park.

Shipwreck Lodge offers an out-of-the-ordinary escapade with cabins constructed in a way to conjure up images of a shipwreck. 

With ten guest rooms, eight of which are standard and two-family with large windows looking out in the turbulent Atlantic, kingsize beds with reading lamps and fitted with ensuite bathrooms.

This Lodge has no shortage of activities, a visit to the Mowe bay, tracking of desert animals, quad biking, and game drive.

3. Onguma The Fort

Previously was known as Onguma Plains Camp, situates on the astern gate of Etosha National Park, looking out on Fischer’s pan.

Borrowing much of its architectural designs from Fort Namutoni, Onguma built up resembling an actual fort and intricately designed with close attention to detail, paying homage to the Moroccan culture.

With twelve suites of six rows each, and built up to resemble a mini fort complete with a turret. Activities at the fort, game drive in the park, bush walks, amazing sunset drives and bird watching.

4. Wolwedans Dunes Lodge

Within the expanse sceneries of NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia Desert to the southwest sits Wolwedans Dunes Lodge.

Built on a dune plateau, Wolwedans offers awe-inspiring scenery and excellent panoramic views of the encompassing desert.

The lodge prides itself on luxury with a bespoke touch coupled with tranquility and privacy.

With nine wooden chalets, all ensuite, wine cellar, a swimming, and a large communal looking out on the waterhole.

Enjoy activities such as hot air ballooning, star gazing, nature drives leading to sundowners, alfresco picnics, and bushman walks.

5.     Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Formerly Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge, the lodge is set in a remote location of the Namib desert on the easterly border of Namib Nakluft national park.

With ten chalets, private lounges and skylights on each bedroom. The lodge offers a luxurious ambiance with exquisite cuisines and hospitable staff. 

Additionally, you’ll appreciate the availability of professional astronomers and an electronic telescope, endowing guests with knowledge of the stars.  Key highlights during your stay; hot air balloon rides, quad biking, and scenic walks

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

6.     Little Kulala

An alluring and luxurious lodge located on the private Kulala wilderness reserve with exclusive access to Namib Naukluft National park.

There aresumptuous suites, individual plunge pool, and rooftop star bed. All this offering tremendous views of Sossusvlei beyond. With eleven chalet suites or ‘Kulalas.’ One of which is a family unit housing two independent ensuite bedrooms.

Some of the activities to be engaged during your stay balloon safaris, quad biking, and morning hikes.

7.  Little Ongava

On the sequestered Ongava reserves perched on the crest of a hill in Etosha National Park, with unremitting views of the plains, is Little Ongava.

With three uber-spacious suites capitalizing on exclusivity, grandeur, and adaptability, sure to make your visit is unique and enchanting with an assigned scout and a vehicle for game drives.

8.  Onguma The Fort

Sitting at the core of the Onguma game reserve and looking out onto the stunning Fischer’s pan.

Formerly Known was known as Onguma Plains camp, Onguma The Fort sits at the easterly border of Etosha National Park. With most of its architecture riding on a Moroccan culture, with plush communal areas and engraved with conventional African art with dashes of Indian intake.

Housing twelve rooms, all ensuite set out in rows of six with a turret and fashioned put like a mini fort. With bespoke services, deluxe accommodation, and choice cuisines, a visit to the fort makes safaris uniquely awe-inspiring.

Onguma The Fort
Onguma The Fort

9. Chobe Savanna Lodge

The lodge sits on the easterly boundary of Caprivi Strip, on the banks of river Chobe.

Access to the lodge is only via motorized boat, with astonishing views looking out over the floodplains on the river bank.

An opulent setting with twelve cottages, intersperse on the banks. Each a standard unit with a lounge, bedroom, and ensuite bathrooms.  A blend of lavishness, comfort, and delicious cuisines is what Chobe offers.

Participate in thrill-packed activities at the lodge, such as cultural expeditions, sportfishing, birdwatching, and boat cruises.

Final Thoughts on Luxury Lodges Namibia

As a first-time visitor in Namibia, you might be rush into judgment and presume that it’s a scorching desert, but you will be surprised to find out there are plenty of enchanting sceneries and sights.

Namibia desert is the oldest desert in the continent with vast acres of unexplored picturesque wilderness and desert-adapted wildlife.

Adventure is invariably lurking around the corner, whether its game viewing at Caprivi strip and Etosha national park or the fascinating fish river canyon.

There are a couple of activities you can engage in like the renowned dune surfing in Swakopmund or indulge yourself in a night sky safari itinerary in the Namibia desert and sleep under the clear night sky and take in the view of the stars at Sossusvlei.

To stamp the deal is the descent infrastructure, well-maintained road network and distant, deluxe, and a diverse range of exclusive lodging options.

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