Luxury Safaris

There are different types of safari experiences available and if you want to opt for the more glamorous experience, you can book a luxury safari.

There are several luxury safari experiences that can be accommodated for different budgets.

What can you expect to receive on a luxury safari?

Amazing views

You will get to stay at lodges and join safari treks that will leave you awestruck. Witness the animals and the landscape of Africa in ways that will blow away your imagination.


Expect luxury comfort in the lodging that you will be staying in. Beds, baths, enclosures, and staff on hand.

Which countries can you visit for a luxury safari?

South Africa




Do you want to an ultra-luxury safari experience?

You can enjoy an ultra-luxury safari experience that’s offered at different lodges. Some of the most popular safaris include:

  • Singita Safaris in the Serengeti
  • The Zafara camp in Botswana
  • The Mara Plains Camp in Masa Maraii in Kenya.