Top Tips on How to Get a Safari Guide

Safari Guide

Is it time to embark on that African safari? Visiting Africa’s untamed lands with all the wildlife and exotic destinations is an experience of a lifetime.

However, make sure you have all the ingredients necessary for an unforgettable experience. A safari guide is one of the people who will add to your safari experience. 

A good guide will have extensive knowledge and experience in the areas you are visiting so they know what attractions will excite you. They are also knowledgeable on the wildlife, fauna, and birdlife in specific locations and will answer any questions on the unique creatures you meet along the way.

How To Get A Guide

If you are staying in a lodge where game drives are offered, the chances are that you will also get a guide to accompany you during the tour. You will often have to join other guests on the game drives if a solo traveler and the lodge organize a guide for you.

You may think that taking trips with strangers is no way to enjoy your holiday, but most hotels have a way of matching you with people who share your interests. 

Most lodges will often pair people who haven’t taken a similar trip before together. The more seasoned travelers are also grouped, so it is easy for them to bond over their shared experiences.

If you are in a group of above six people, you can get your guide at no extra cost. Any additional cost may be if you choose to go beyond designated routes and take more of the guide’s time than the norm.

For those who want a private guide, you will have to pay for one. However, this is a small price to pay for an unrivaled bush experience. 

A good guide can catch that slight movement in the bushes that signify that a chase is near. Guides are also resourceful in tracking different animal species.

Do you want to see a lion in all its glory or the chase between a predator and prey? A seasoned guide knows where all the action is and the best times to experience whatever you have in mind.

It is also relieving knowing that you have an experienced person who knows the area you are exploring well and can offer help in case something goes wrong.

Safari Guide

Make The Best Out Of The Safari Guide

Make good use of your guide by asking questions. Be ready to learn and let the guide show you the best of their world.

If you are interested in the big cats, you may think that only information about these creatures will interest you. However, note that there is more to the African wilderness than what you see on the big screens.

You can be fascinated by the stories about tiny creatures like termites and their impressive mounds, the cultures of the people surrounding the areas you visit, and the medicinal plants littering the landscape and how they are used.

Do not limit your experience to just what you know. It sometimes pays to sit back and let your guide lead you to more exhilarating experiences.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t state the experience you are looking for. If you get a private guide, you can spend the entire day chasing the adventure you want and creating lasting memories.

What if you do not need a guide?

Self-drive expeditions are common in Africa. If you know the area well and know what you are looking for, it is okay to opt-out on a guide.

However, you will not realize how much you need a guide until you find yourself lost, driving in circles hundreds of miles away from civilization. A guide will ensure that you get to your destination fast so your bush adventure can begin.

Some guests may not realize that a safari involves more than hearing facts about the bushes or animals you see.  You can search information either  online or in books.

You will be more excited about the experience you cannot get online or in the nature book you have been reading.

Genuine African adventure is experienced on the ground, and it is nothing like you have read before. For you to have a memorable safari experience, consider getting a safari guide on your next adventure.

In most cases, your guide will be from the nearby village or town. Such a guide knows all the nooks and the experiences that a visitor to the area will easily miss.

Safari Guide

Features of a Good Guide

All guides are required to be polite, knowledgeable, and professional in their dealings. They should communicate well, be attentive, and respect the environment.

Most lodges take time to hire guides, so you are guaranteed that the one you pick comes with all the above qualities.

A genuinely excellent guide will stand out for their sense of humor, attention to detail, and story-telling ability. You may also find one in love with the African bush and passionate about everything you see on the land.

Such a guide’s enthusiasm will be contagious, and you will enjoy every moment you spend together. By creating an interactive experience, the guide will also make it easy for you to meet your goals and wishes.

A good guide is unforgettable, just like your safari. There is also something respectable about an individual who not only enjoys what they do but respect the animals and the African bush as a whole.

Final Thoughts

The importance of a guide when on safari cannot be stressed enough. A good safari guide can make all the difference between a mere trip to the bush and a memorable bush adventure.

Give a guide a try on your next safari, and you can bet that you will not regret your decision. 

If the lodge where you are staying offers a guide, take advantage of the offer since it comes at no extra cost. Just ensure that you tip your guide at the end of your trip.

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