Which is the best month to go on safari in Africa?

Depending on where you want to visit and the type of safari experience that you want to do, the best month will differ depending on the location.

However, you should factor in the specific locations and experiences for your safari trip.

Which is the best month to go on safari in South Africa?

Early September will be the ideal month to travel if you plan to visit Kruger National Park.

You can expect fewer mosquitos than usual during September due to the dry climate. Additionally, you can expect to have better game viewing due to it being around the end of the dry season, which means the bushes should be lower.

There may be a chance of rain. However, the rain shouldn’t spoil your safari experience.

You can also expect the night temperature to not be as high as well.

If you are planning to go to Cape Town, you will have better weather in March.

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